smart EQ control app.

At a glance.

The app functions.

Vehicle status.

Battery state of charge.

Check how full your battery is at any time.

Current range.

The app shows you the remaining range of your battery charge at any time.

Vehicle functions.

Intelligent charging plan function.

Specify when your smart is to be charged to take advantage of cheap night-time electricity rates, for example.

Pre-entry climate control.

Start pre-entry climate control already before the journey for the ideal interior temperature when boarding your vehicle. This ensures you make optimal use of the range.

Personalised push notifications.

Important status reports on your smart.

Get push notifications on your smartphone, for example, when the tyre pressure is low.

Notifications about the weather.

The app warns you of severe weather conditions in your region.

Efficient driving.

ECO score.

The ECO score analyses your driving style and provides helpful tips for greater efficiency.

Apple Watch.

Lightning-fast operation.

Leave your smartphone in your pocket and use the smart EQ control app on your Apple Watch. You can retrieve your vehicle status or start pre-entry climate control - from now on quite casually with a flick of your wrist.