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We've got you covered with our range of plans for new and existing customers.

Motor Insurance.

Superb cover comes as standard, so who better to insure your car than Insurance by smart?

First Cover.

Drive away with 7 days complimentary insurance.

smart Extended Warranty

smart extended warranty is designed to help protect you against the unexpected costs in the event of a mechanical or electrical failure, covering the cost of parts, labour and VAT.

GAP Insurance by smart.

Protect yourself against financial shortfall, if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, or written off.

Tyre and Alloy Insurance by smart.

Keep your smart in showroom condition with Tyre and Alloy insurance.

About Mercedes-Benz Insurance Services.

Further information about Mercedes-Benz Insurance Services.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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Get in touch.

To find out more about our insurance products, get in touch with us.