Your route to a smart of your own.

Individual financing solutions for your new smart.

Financing model 1.

Standard financing.

Finance your smart on individual terms: together with your smart dealer, you decide the initial payment and the contract term – and therefore your monthly instalment amount.

Best of all: standard financing gives you unlimited mileage.

Your advantages:

  • Greater financial freedom than with a cash purchase.
  • Fixed interest rate over the entire term of the contract.
  • Unlimited mileage.
  • You own the vehicle after your final payment.

Financing model 2.

Plus3 financing.

Financing with three options at the end of the contract:

1. Acquisition of ownership: you make the contractually agreed final payment and the smart belongs to you
2. Follow-up financing: instead of making the final payment in a single sum, you take out follow-up financing to make the final payment in instalments as well.
3. Return*: you return your smart to your smart dealer for the contractually guaranteed residual value – giving you the option to switch to a new smart.

This type of finance is perfect if you do not yet know whether you will keep your smart at the end of the contract or switch to the latest model.

* The return option is based on an additional agreement in addition to the Plus3 financing contract, which you sign directly with your dealer. The return conditions agreed herein apply in this case.

Your advantages:

  • Three options at the end of the contract:
    1. Take ownership
    2. Follow-up financing
    3. Vehicle return.
  • Guaranteed residual value, i.e. no risk of depreciation.
  • Fixed interest rate over the entire term of the contract.
  • Fair settlement in the event of excess/undriven mileage.