Your day in the country.

9 a.m.: Time to get away from it all.

Saturday morning, sunshine: time for a little excursion. You're ready to go!

10 a.m.: It's a different world!

Life's a beach: an hour's drive later, you've left the city behind and are at the water's edge. Time for a dip!

1.30 p.m.: A bite to eat.

Your car is full on battery power, but you’re getting hungry! The nearby restaurant will do just the trick.

3.30 p.m.: A stroll around the old quarter.

After a sumptuous meal, you need some exercise. So it's off to a nearby town to take a look at its mediaeval town centre. You can always keep an eye on your remaining range by using the smart EQ control app on your phone.

8.30 p.m.: You're ready to chill.

Tired but content, you head back to the city. During the drive you think about the eventful day, without a thought about how far your electric has taken you. You've had enough, but your smart is still game for some more.